Manual Handling (MHO) Assessors

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It has long been recognised that manual handling of loads at work contributes significantly to the number of workplace injuries. The Manual Handling Operation Regulations 1992 establish a clear hierarchy of measures to reduce the risk of injury from manual handling operations. If risks cannot be avoided then each task must be assessed so that the risks of injury can be reduced so far as is reasonably practicable.

This course is designed to give participants a practical overview of the manual handling operation as well as providing the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct "suitable and sufficient" risk assessments for manual handling tasks.

Who Should Attend
Those with the responsibility to conduct manual handling assessments or manage/supervise manual handling tasks.

To raise awareness of correct lifting techniques and to provide delegates with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct Manual Handling Assessments and demonstrate safe lifting skills.


  • To understand the legal requirements for manual handling assessments
  • To be able to conduct an effective manual handling assessment
  • To be able to recommend risk control measures
  • To demonstrate safe lifting techniques
  • To effectively deliver a short presentation


  • The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992
  • Good handling techniques ~ effects of manual handling on the body
  • Manual handling overview ~ avoid, assess, reduce
  • Assessing and reducing the risk of injury ~ the task, the load, the environment, individual capability
  • Risk reduction
  • Manual handling risk assessment

Delegates should successfully complete a Manual Handling Assessment and a safe lifting presentation in order to receive the Manual Handling Assessors Certificate.

Number of Delegates: Suitable for up to 15 delegates
Course Duration: 1 day

Click here to download a copy of the course description, or click here to check for availability.