Fire Safety Training

Fire safety at work should be a priority in order to protect lives, property and your business. It is important that your employees know how to act if there is a fire. Fire training will encourage staff to reduce the risk of fire and to be effectively prepared if a fire occurs.

HSE Solutions offers a comprehensive range of fire safety courses tailored to your needs and presented at your own premises or other agreed venue.

Training can be exclusively in-house, or shared with other employers by way of open seminars held within our training suite.

HSE Solutions never applies a one-size-fits-all solution. All training, on-site or open to all, will contain substantial personalised content and interaction between instructor and students, ensuring YOUR delegates are learning the fire safety skills needed for YOUR workplace.

New courses can be developed to meet the requirements of any workforce, or existing courses adapted to encompass special procedures and risks. Each course has been developed over many years and presented by highly experienced and qualified trainers.

Our current course program includes:

  • Fire Awareness Course (All staff should attend)
  • Fire Wardens Course (Persons designated to assist in the evacuation of a premise)
  • Fire Safety Risk Assessment course (Those required to conduct Fire Safety Risk Assessments)

Remember fire training is a legal obligation under the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1997 (as amended). Make sure you comply with the law, by taking advantage of these effective and highly focused courses.

For more information, see fire training.