Fire is probably one on the most significant risks that your business will face. When you consider that 70% of businesses suffering a fire never reopen, or close within 3 years of the fire, then taking the time to do all you can to prevent a fire looks like a very sensible investment.

Most workplaces are now subject to legislation as detailed in the Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations 1999 (as amended).

To comply with Health and Safety and Fire regulations you will need to do the following:

Carry out a fire risk assessment
If you have 5 or more employees the findings of this risk assessment will need to recorded and a written emergency plan produced. The risk assessment will help you to ascertain the chances of a fire occurring and the potential dangers involved. This risk assessment should be regularly monitored and reviewed. Our Training Team can offer training in Fire Risk Assessment to help you fully benefit from the process.

Provide and maintain Fire Safety equipment and procedures
The minimum provision includes:

  • A means of detection and warning in event of a fire
  • A means of escape
  • A means of fighting fire
  • Fire safety training
  • Nominate people to fire safety roles
  • Inform employees

HSE Solutions consultancy services include:

  • Fire risk assessment and management
  • Inspection and audit of premises
  • Technical advice on plans and projects
  • Liaison with Local Authorities and enforcing agencies
  • Fire investigation
  • Advice, design and specification of alarm systems

Our friendly independent fire safety experts will help you to understand and comply with all the legal requirements, along with all other relevant British and European Standards and the latest emerging legislation.

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