Welcome to HSE Solutions

HSE Solutions are a specialist Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental consultancy firm based in Scotland, offering services throughout the UK and Europe. We pride ourselves in providing a professional service which will give a totally integrated approach to managing your Health, Safety and Environmental issues at work.

What can we do for you?
In a culture of increased litigation, no business can risk ignoring its workplace Health, Safety and Welfare obligations. Regardless of size, every company is affected by Health and Safety Regulations that impose duties, obligations and penalties both on the companies concerned and on the management and directors personally.

Today's reality is:

  • The average cost of a claim due to a workplace incident is more than £20,000
  • The indirect costs associated with an incident, is a minimum of four times the direct cost
  • Business Owners are expected to know and comply with all requirements under the legislation
  • Insurance premiums for non compliant companies are going through the roof
  • Company fines for Health and Safety Failures can reach as much as £15,000,000

You would not think twice about calling in specialists to guide you through the increasing legal complexities of tax and legal disputes and the specialists who can help lead you through the maze of Health and Safety legislation to find the most beneficial and cost-effective solution for your business are no different. HSE Solutions are specialists in Health Safety and Environmental consultancy who specialise in providing the bespoke solution to your specific issues.

How can HSE Solutions assist your business?

  • Develop new or modify your existing programs to establish a cost effective Health and Safety management system, unique to your business
  • Provide your business with expert 'one stop' advice and guidance on all matters relating to the occupational health and safety needs affecting your company
  • Evaluate your existing Health and Safety systems
  • Provide a unique training solution for your management, supervisory staff or employees
Whether you are responsible for the Health and Safety function and require full time assistance to help you through a specific project, an external audit of your systems or you are a smaller business that only needs a couple of days per year HSE Solutions can help.